Jax Gut Club

About Us

The Jacksonville Gut Club is a gastroenterology education and networking organization designed to bring novel and relevant subspecialty advancements to the Greater Jacksonville region. It was restructured in its current format in 2016 to promote medical education and to increase communications and camaraderie between practitioners in North Florida.


Members of Jacksonville Gut Club meet during the quarterly and annual meetings 5 times each year. During each meeting approximately 100 participants attend each meeting in person. Participants of each meeting includes practicing and retired gastroenterologists, primary care physicians, internists, other subspecialties involved in care of patients with GI disorders as well as physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners, GI nurses, GI technicians and representatives of pharmaceutical, medical devices, and other companies.

The Jacksonville Gut Club offers the following meetings:

Quarterly Jacksonville Gut Club meetings: these meetings are held during weekdays from 5-8 PM. Two nationally known speakers are invited by the moderators from outside Jacksonville area to give two presentations with time allotted after presentations for further discussion from attendees. Topics cover a variety of gastroenterology subject matter, new procedures and treatments. Target audience for the quarterly Jacksonville Gut Club meetings are gastroenterologist and GI nurses. Attendees may earn up to 2 credit hours of CME CEU or SGNA certified credit for attending each meeting. A group dinner is held before the lectures. Representatives of pharmaceutical, medical devices, and other companies who helped fund the symposia are also in attendance at the dinner and participate in the meeting.

Annual Jacksonville Gut Club meeting: is held on a Saturday morning in summer. Ten local and nationally known speakers are invited to give 10 presentations during this half day Symposium. Target audience for the annual Jacksonville Gut Club meetings are primary care physicians, internists, gastroenterologist and other subspecialties involved in care of patients with GI disorders. A series of lectures on current medical issues facing gastroenterology, including updated patient care information and information on the evaluation and management of gastrointestinal disorders are presented during the annual meeting. Attendees may earn up to 10 credit hours of CME in Category 1 for the American Medical Association for each meeting.


The Jacksonville Gut Club provides an opportunity for obtaining necessary credits for maintenance of license for the following groups of participants:

· Continuing Medical Education (CME) to gastroenterologists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.

· Continuing Education Unit (CEU) to Registered Nurses

· GI-specific contact hours approved by SGNA for nurses and GI technicians

Organization & Governance

The Jacksonville Gut Club is a non-profit organization and funded by our sponsors including pharmaceutical companies, medical devices companies, and other companies that participate in each meeting and present their products and services in the exhibit area. The Jacksonville Gut Club encourages communications and camaraderie among all attendees and representatives from the industry.

Dr. Ali Lankarani is the Jacksonville Gut Club organizer and works closely with local gastroenterologists that serve as moderators to plan for each meeting. Our local moderators identify the topics of interest and invite nationally known speakers for each meeting. Attendees generally present personal case studies related to the symposium topics with follow up discussion. Moderators allow time after each presentation for further discussion from attendees and moderate the subsequent discussions.

Topics for each lecture are selected based on the Jacksonville Gut Club members requests and determined by the moderators. The topics are condition-based lectures and when use of medications, or devices for treatment or testing for diagnosis of condition discussed, other available options are included in the lecture. Drug, device or test related lectures in addition to pharmacy sponsored lectures are prohibited during the Jacksonville Gut Club meetings.